zondag 4 december 2011

Santo Antao, Cabo Verde

In November 2011 we did a trekking on the beautifull island of Santo Antao.
Actually we did 2 trekkings: one of 4 days in the north and 1 of 3 days in the west of the island.

Santo Antao is a fantastic island with great contrasts between north and south. The north is very green with steep valleys. The south is dry and barren.

The trekking was organised by alsatour (www.alsatour.de), run by an eccentric austrian and Swiss who both live a on the island for a long time.
For trekkings on Santo Antao there is no better choice then to contact them.

Here is an impression of this wonderfull place.

On the boat from Sao Vicente to Santo Antao.

A typical thatched-roof house in the Paul valley

Climbing out of the Paul valley just below the cloud line.

Above the clouds near Pico da Cruz looking west.

The spectacular village of Fontainhas.

The deserted village of Aranhas.

Looking back to the village of Cha de Igreja.

At Caetano in the Rebeira das Patas.

The Bordeira de Norte.

Climbing out of the Bordeira de Norte

Surreal vulcanic scenery near Norte.

Approaching the village of Monte Trigo in the far west of the island

Looking back towards Monte Trigo on the way to Tarrafal. The contrast with the north couldn´t be bigger.

The irrigated fields at Tarrafal.

Have look at the full series HERE

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